5 Ways a Plant-Based Diet Will Improve Your Life

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Excerpt from The Plant-Based Workplace: In 2007, as part of a routine wellness checkup, I learned that I had high cholesterol and early signs of plaque building up in my arteries. The carotid artery scan report noted that I had the arteries of a 46-year-old, yet I was only 35. My doctor wanted to put me on […]

Is Starbucks Underreporting its Greenhouse Gas Footprint?

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Starbucks has been my go-to spot when I travel. My favorites are their oatmeal, Pikes Place drip coffee with soy milk or, when I feel like splurging, a coconut milk cappuccino. Starbucks’ global presence and consistency of products and experience bring a sense of dependability and comfort to millions of consumers daily. But while they […]

Why a Plant-Based Diet is More Sustainable

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“Meat produces more emissions per unit of energy compared with that of plant-based foods because energy is lost at each trophic level.” –Godfray et al. Science, July 2018 This short video is intended to help explain why eating a plant-centered dietary pattern is better for the environment. Additional Information: Godfray et al., Meat consumption, health, and the […]