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PR Newswire Press Release: May 30, 2018

“I believe The Plant-Based Workplace can be the basis of a successful and cost-effective program at any business and lead to a better workplace, a healthier workforce, and a more effective corporation. I am grateful that Ms. Carter put these important ideas into a book for all to consider and implement.”

  • Joel Kahn, MD, FACC, Founder, Kahn Center for Cardiac Longevity and Clinical Professor, Wayne State University School of Medicine

“I was pleasantly surprised to read this terrific book that I can endorse without hesitation. The Plant-Based Workplace is so well-written, scholarly and well-organized that makes it easy to read, informative and interesting. I think this is a critical, must-read work that can play a huge role in transforming lives and saving our planet. And, if you are a business executive or owner, you will be compelled to adopt some insightful advice to help your workforce and your bottom-line.”

  • Joel Fuhrman, MD, New York Times Bestselling Author and President, Nutritional Research Foundation

“What a beautifully written and timely book. Drawing upon her personal health journey as well as her years in the corporate world, Gigi Carter has filled The Plant-Based Workplace with cogent analysis and practical action plans to help companies large and small use wiser nutrition choices to improve their employees’ health and their company’s bottom lines – and, oh yes, save Planet Earth from disaster at the same time.  Thank you, Gigi Carter, for shining this much needed light on the heretofore unexplored – yet essential – role the business world can play in solving our nation’s health and environmental challenges. After all, improving our health and healing our planet is everyone’s business, and The Plant-Based Workplace gives us the blueprint to accomplish both goals – so I can most highly recommend this insightful and well-written book.”

  • Michael Klaper, MD, TrueNorth Health Center

“Gigi Carter brings a powerful new voice to the healthy food movement. Her background in both corporate America and nutrition science enables her to present a practical and compelling roadmap for the business community to improve the health and productivity of their workers, lower healthcare costs, and contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable environment.”

  • Paul Simon, MD, MPH, Adjunct Professor, UCLA Fielding School of Public Health

The Plant-Based Workplace is a must read!  Gigi Carter introduces a revolutionary, thoughtful, and progressive blueprint for businesses that will inspire organizational change, create healthier people, and regenerate the environment through sincere resource stewardship.  It is the true win-win-win scenario for every stakeholder and the future that we will leave to our children.”

  • Scott Stoll, MD FABPMR, Co-Founder and Chairman Plantrician Project

“Gigi Carter provides a convincing argument with data that a plant-based diet in the workplace is not only the right thing to do from an employee health perspective… but also from the company’s bottom line perspective. This book is a blue print for any business leader…”

  • Jay Iyengar, SVP Chief Innovation & Technology Officer, Xylem Inc.

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The Plant-Based Workplace reveals the hidden health crisis that pervades our modern American workplace food environment. This book galvanizes the conscientious and fiscally astute company to enhance employee well-being, promote environmental sustainability, and revitalize productivity by getting to the root of employee chronic diseases. The Plant-Based Workplace answers three pressing questions:

  1. What does the research have to say about the link between diet, chronic disease, and the urgent environmental issues?
  2. What is the business case for implementing a plant-based workplace?
  3. How can companies apply a change model to engage employees in transforming the workplace food environment?

The Plant-Based Workplace challenges the reader to make it personal, showing how both company leaders and front-line employees can work together to transform not only the workplace food environment, but also the broader community the workplace supports. Readers will come away with accessible and accurate nutritional information, plus a practical set of implementation tools for engaging employees in the plant-based transformation, enabling companies to identify the most ethical and sustainable approach to augment their workforce’s productivity and profit potential.


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